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Noesis Technologies

Noesis Technologies has been recently established as a VBC spinoff company for effectively responding to a fast-growing demand among industries for turning innovative vision and ideas into bottom-line digital solutions, powered by intelligent technologies



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Additive Manufacturing

AI-based Machine Vision Solutions for Quality Monitoring & Control in Robotic Applications

Advanced Materials & Photonics

AI-based Decision Support Solutions for material characterisation and process optimization

Cultural Heritage

3D Digitization, Modelling and AR/VR/XR Application Development


AI-based Decision Support Solutions for health condition diagnosis, prevention and intervention monitoring, in addition to AR/VR/XR Applications supporting medical doctors, nursing staff and patients

Making an Impact Across the Globe

We work together with clients, helping them discover important value in their data and expertise, using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies, machine learning & deep learning models and algorithms, thus enabling them to devise strategies and support decision-making in critical areas of their function and operations. In essence, we help transforming organisations into global competitors, which flourish through innovative value-added products and services.

Market sectors for our solutions currently include Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Materials & Photonics, Cultural Heritage and Healthcare.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

In achieving this, we actively participate in flagship EU Research & Innovation projects for further developing and enhancing our own knowledge, skills and expertise in AI and related ICT tools & applications, so we can always be technologically amongst the top companies in our field. In this activity, we encourage our clients for participating in such R&I EU-funded projects, so that we can demonstrate together in pilot implementations the feasibility of such technologies.

Furthermore, we partner with world-leading technology companies, universities and research centers in developing prototype solutions and services, accompanied with innovative and competitive business models for reaching out to our clients’ niche markets.

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Noesis Technologies
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